[Infographic]-10 Mobile Growth Hacks That Will Sky Rocket Your App Growth

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As mobile marketers, we are constantly testing, optimizing and soaking up new tricks and tips. The sole aim of this hustle and bustle is to increase engagement and app downloads.

Though there are numerous ways of attaining app growth, marketers are always overwhelmed by complexities associated with them. No two apps are similar, and big budget marketing strategies may not be the solution for long -term and concrete goals.

That brings us to In-app growth hacks. These app-specific hacks are viable options and can ensure consistent growth.

Why Should App Marketers Invest Into In-App Growth Hacks?

Mobile apps account for over 89% of media time as per a study done by Nielsen. A recent report by Techcrunch further states that while consumers spend 85% of their time on apps, only 5 apps see heavy usage!

The learnings from this data imply that your app may have a petite window for making a big mark with today’s audience. While offline marketing may garner a user’s interest in your app, In-app growth hacks will ensure meaningful engagement with your app. In the long run, it ensures sustained app downloads and promotions.

In this infographic, we’ve tried to explore uncomplicated yet effective growth hacks. Without, much ado here’s the treasure trove for you all!

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Final Word

Which growth hack has worked for your app? Do let us know in the comments below!

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