SEO for SaaS: Actionable Tips on How to Grow Traffic for Your SaaS Through SEO

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What is one of the core elements of successful online business? I won’t be mistaken if I say that this core element is traffic. But why are we all obsessed with gaining traffic? The scheme is pretty simple. Traffic helps to move your online business forward crashing the competitors and attracting new customers. Easy-peasy. No way! Gaining traffic to your … Read More

How to Retain your App Users using AI

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AI to retain app users

Planning, designing and executing marketing campaigns to get users to download your app take a heavy toll on your resources. On top of that, 24% of users abandon an app after just one use. The reason is quite simple, if your app is not indispensable, they’ll abandon/uninstall it and move on. Considering the fact that your existing customers are much … Read More

B2B Influencer Marketing Strategies to Supercharge your Startup

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“Have they even tasted the tea?” That’s the thought that used to cross my mind every time I saw any of the weight-loss tea #sponsored #ads on Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the persuasive aura of celebrities that contributed towards making influencer marketing such a huge success. Even if I’m scoffing at the ad now, maybe the … Read More

Improving Customer Referral Program: 12 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

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Customer Referral Program

“Referrals was an exciting project to undertake because it embodies growth: it’s highly measurable, scalable, and is all about identifying a growth pattern that’s already happening but amplifying it at a key moment.” – Jason Bosinoff, Director of Engineering at Airbnb. (source) Nobody can argue with that, considering how Airbnb hit the sweet spot of viral growth with referral marketing. … Read More

How to Use Email to Boost Your Referral Campaign

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How to use emails to drive referrals

Word-of-mouth. Probably the only true form of organic marketing that has been there since the dawn of time, and is still going strong. No matter how earth-shattering your new growth marketing strategy is, at the end of the day, consumers crave validation from their peers before making a purchase decision. They wouldn’t trust the glossy marketing promos and retargeting attempts, … Read More

SaaS Referrals- What’s An Ideal Post Referral Strategy?

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Even though marketers spend thousands of dollars to attract a user’s attention, our users still consider recommendations from their friends and peers as a top tactic before they sign up for our SaaS product. One of the most significant reasons behind this mindset is the trust that users associate with ‘referrals’ thereby making this marketing channel a high-value currency. It … Read More

Why Do Users Quit Apps and Never Come Back?

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One of the most discouraging statistics for all app professionals out there is that people abandon the majority of apps they download, some even after using them just once. Sure, we might have spoiled users a bit by creating awesome apps, and they might have gotten used to getting crazy good products, but we can’t lay the entirety of the … Read More

Referral Marketing For SaaS Marketers- What Makes It A Bloody Good Hack

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Referral Marketing For SaaS Marketers- What Makes It A Bloody Good Hack

Sourcing leads at any SaaS company is pretty damn crazy. The product sales cycles are relatively long, user churn rate is extremely high and to add to the misery, there’s always a dearth of marketing qualified leads often resulting in dried up sales pipelines. Quite clearly a SaaS Marketer doesn’t have it easy! But again, should getting qualified leads be … Read More