[Infographic]- 23 Essentials Of An In-App Referral Program

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[Infographic]- 23 Must Have Elements Of An In-App Referral Program

We’ve often hinted at the benefits of referral marketing and how it has been an essential growth element for mobile-focused brands such as UBER and Airbnb. In-app referral marketing is a simple, easy to execute strategy that can thrust organic growth for mobile apps at any stage. The success of above-mentioned giants has instilled a sense of excitement amongst app … Read More

{Infographic} 2015- AppVirality’s Year In Review

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{Infographic} 2015- AppVirality’s Year In Review

2015 has been a ceremonial year for all of us at AppVirality, and quite frankly an incredibly exciting adventure ride! As a growing startup, this year has been full of learnings and accomplishments, which we have been very open in sharing with you all. As we move forward, it is time to reflect and analyze the achievements of last year, … Read More

[Infographic]-10 Mobile Growth Hacks That Will Sky Rocket Your App Growth

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As mobile marketers, we are constantly testing, optimizing and soaking up new tricks and tips. The sole aim of this hustle and bustle is to increase engagement and app downloads. Though there are numerous ways of attaining app growth, marketers are always overwhelmed by complexities associated with them. No two apps are similar, and big budget marketing strategies may not … Read More