Using Net Promoter Score To Reduce Your App’s Churn And Increase Downloads

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Using Net Promoter Score To Reduce Your App’s Churn And Increase Downloads

For most app entrepreneurs, managing app churn tops the chart of challenges that they face. It is tough, time-consuming and exhausting. Its effects are detrimental too! App churn impacts user acquisition, their lifetime value and dents the developer’s balance sheet significantly. It brings us back to the perpetual question. What may be the reason that a few apps experience skyrocketing … Read More

How To Boost App Marketing: Time Tested Tips From Influencers

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How To Boost App Marketing: Time Tested Tips From Influencers

Mobile app marketing is a complex domain and poses unique challenges. Some day an app developer battles app-marketing and another day he’s aimed at improving user ratings in the App store. Clearly, it isn’t a smooth ride and one cannot be satiated enough with the knowledge pool that surrounds this topic. As an app developer, what’s the source of your … Read More

5 Mobile Apps That Are Doing Social Media Right

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5 Mobile Apps that Are Doing Social Media Right

Most popular apps owe a portion of their popularity to a strong brand name that backs them. These brands have been in business for years, and a mobile app becomes a natural extension of their branding and marketing strategy. Starbucks is a great example of this theory and the same reflects in a whopping 1 billion+  downloads on Android play … Read More

How Tinder Ignited the Dating Scene – The Mobile App Way

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The past decade has hit everyone with technology like never before and a lot has changed from the times Alexander Graham Bell created the first telephone!  One of the most intriguing phenomenon, has been the evolution of mobile ‘Apps’ and I feel that they have been the biggest boon to humanity. With the growing need to stay connected, marketers have … Read More

How To Use Social Media For Mobile App Promotions

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So you have talked to your developers, grilled the designers, worked day in and day out and finally have come up with a nice little app for your business. But you are facing the problem of how to attract people’s attention to it? We are here to help. In this article we will show you how to use social media … Read More

How did Gangnam Style Go Viral and Made $8 Million

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Heard about Gangnam Style? Sure you have. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to not have heard about it. It is all over the news. Again. This music video was uploaded on YouTube on 15th July, 2012. On 30th May, 2014 it crossed two billion views on the site. There were many things that worked in the video’s favor … Read More