{Infographic} 2015- AppVirality’s Year In Review

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{Infographic} 2015- AppVirality’s Year In Review

2015 has been a ceremonial year for all of us at AppVirality, and quite frankly an incredibly exciting adventure ride!

As a growing startup, this year has been full of learnings and accomplishments, which we have been very open in sharing with you all. As we move forward, it is time to reflect and analyze the achievements of last year, and what better way than sharing it via an infographic!

But before we share this visual treat with you all, here’s a little heart-to-heart that we wish to discuss with you all.

What Does Growth Mean To Us?

It’s great to see an idea bloom and be vetted by industry stalwarts. This puts us in a high-voltage position. Needless to say, it has moulded us in accepting challenges and venturing into newer territories. 2015 has been a summation of this and much more for all of us at AppVirality. 

On the product side, we have clocked in thousands of man hours to get the very best for our users and have been successful in associating the best names in the travel, food, grocery, technology and other app categories across the globe.

On a technical front, growth may mean high ROI and low churn, but for us, it also means a satisfied and a long term user.

How Do We Plan To Achieve This?

Our brainstorming sessions have yielded a pool of ideas on the product side-both witty and clever. These ideas have been incorporated in building new growth hacks for our users, which they will see in no time. These growth hacks include customer retention, sweepstakes, intelligent social sharing, apart from the overtly popular In-app referrals.

Behind Every Successful Product There’s A Rock Solid Team!

Every growing startup has a few pain areas, and ours are no different than others. Hiring has been a task for us, quite literally. That’s because we love people who challenge the normal. AppVirality was born out of the same principle and hence this aspect is close to our heart. Not only do we value the core abilities of individuals, but we also check if they would be a cultural fit for us.

Here’s a quick peek at the AppVirality Mavericks 

  • We have Computer Engineers who are running the growth vertical, Electronic Engineers who support the sales vertical and Ex-Bankers who write!

  • We speak 7 languages collectively and work out of 2 locations. Remote employees included!

  • We have a dedicated spoc for impromptu and scheduled team lunch and dinners!

  • We are a self-sufficient team of event planners, singers and storytellers, who can get into a gig anytime of the day!

If you know someone) who fits the bill, please feel free to recommend them to us. Drop us a line at lax [at] appvirality[dot] com and we shall take it forward.

If you are someone who fancies a high-voltage work environment filled with madness and growth, apply here.

That’s all from our side. Without much ado, here’s our ‘year in review’!

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Last Thoughts Of 2015!

We are so blessed to be able to take a step forward and grow without compromising on our goals or ethics and for that, we owe a lot to our customers, community and investors.

Do you have any tips or feedback for us? We will be keen to hear about it in the comments below!

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