How To Plan A Mobile App Budget In 6 Easy Steps

Laxman PapineniMobile Apps6 Comments

How to Plan A Mobile App Budget In 6 Easy Steps

Creating a budget for a mobile app is a tall order, especially since it requires a thorough overview and consideration of each and every aspect that involves money. This ranges from product development to monetization of the app. Though this is nothing short of creating a business plan (that runs into numerous pages), we are making an attempt to break … Read More

5 Mobile Apps That Are Doing Social Media Right

Taru BhargavaVirality3 Comments

5 Mobile Apps that Are Doing Social Media Right

Most popular apps owe a portion of their popularity to a strong brand name that backs them. These brands have been in business for years, and a mobile app becomes a natural extension of their branding and marketing strategy. Starbucks is a great example of this theory and the same reflects in a whopping 1 billion+  downloads on Android play … Read More