How Customer Feedback Inspired A Marketing Workshop As A Part Of Million Install Meetup!

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How Customer Feedback Inspired A Marketing Workshop As A Part Of Million Install Meetup!

As a part of our growth strategy, we conduct a lot of user surveys and one of them in particular caught our eye. During its feedback analysis, we realized that there’s a huge knowledge gap that exists between app marketers that are just starting out. With numerous things to achieve, one can easily get a tunnel vision or feel stranded!  In scenarios like these,  learning from others is the most obvious solution.

But then again how much can you learn from blogs, videos, newsletter or online courses? In our opinion, the tempo isn’t always at peak and dies down after a while. And time and again one craves a face to face interaction to beat monotony.

We at AppVirality value learning from experts immensely, and feel that it is the best way to build a community of engaged users. It is also the birth ground for Million Install Meetup– a multi-city event that aims at bringing together app marketers, developers, product managers and growth hackers in the app space. The aim of the event is to provide them a platform to exchange ideas, explore avenues, discuss growth strategies and learn from each other under a common roof.

Is That Enough? Why We Added A Workshop To Our Meetup

Having run two successful meetups, we realized that the app marketing segment in India is pretty divided. While we have seasoned marketers, on one hand, a large part of the community consists of people who are just starting out and have unique challenges that they face while aiming growth for their mobile app. Our data popped up interesting challenges that echo the thoughts of a larger community. Here’s a quick look at a few of them 

  1. How can founders identify the direction with no experience in launching a mobile app?

  2. What are a few growth hacks to scale a mobile app?

  3. How can I acquire my first 1000 users?

  4. What mistakes should one avoid while implementing an app marketing strategy?

  5. What are some tips to increase Daily Active Users ( DAUs)

  6. What are the top 10 principles for app optimization?

  7. What are the current trends in the app market?

Do you see what we see? Hunger for knowledge and ‘nowhere to go syndrome’? And that’s where we plan to help you this time! While an engaging panel discussion with experienced growth and product marketers, is a high point of Million Install Meetup and attracts an engaging crowd, this time, we’ve added a dedicated Marketing workshop to its repository to help such marketers. We are sure that the above mentioned difficult areas are not the only one an app business faces. Our guests probably are looking to solve more of such issues. Hence, when our workshop host accepted to do a pre-meet interview with us, we couldn’t conceal the joy.

Introducing Our Marketing Workshop Lead – Abhinav Agarwal

Abhinav Agarwal is the CEO and Founder of DoorMint. With over 100k installs  on Playstore and around 25k on iOS, DoorMint has taken over Mumbai and plans to spread across other cities soon. DoorMint’s fundraising team, have recently raised over three million dollars from Helion and Kalari.   We pulled few important questions to pose them to Abhinav.

Million install meetup- Marketing workshop

What according to you is key measurable metrics for early growth apps?

For transactional platforms (particularly with high potential repeats), Net Promoter Score should be the ideal metric which everyone should focus upon. It would lead to good cohorts which in turn reflects a lot on product market fit, service quality and quality of acquired customers. However, the metric has to be seen in-line with discounted pricing (if any)

We’ve often spoken to app marketers and they say that scaling an app and retaining customers are the biggest challenge for them. What was your biggest challenge in the mobile sales funnel?

With scale, increased acquisition cost across available inventory on digital platforms like Facebook became our biggest challenge. To cope up with that, we launched a referral program and that helped us to mitigate the effect to a large extent and help us build a loyal base. Deep links, communication flow based on customer segmentation, some UI changes and use of analytic tool optimized our funnel by up to 35%. Subscription could be the key to this, and we are already seen traction in this.

What was unique about your approach considering that you cater to a market which is highly competitive with local vendors?

We use imported machines, globally recognized detergents and steam ironing to deliver far superior quality than existing vendors. Furthermore, we are able to build better processes using tech platforms like in-house CRM, which has made user realize the convenience in the entire value chain.

Are there any specific marketing techniques that have impacted your growth? Most apps talk about paid ads and word of mouth. What worked for you?

Other than the above 2 channels, I would like to add 2 more: affiliate marketing and incentivised referral program  

The above questions are just one of the few that we asked Abhinav, but our Marketing workshop will allow attendees to explore a much bigger dimension with him.

Are You Attending? What To Expect At Million Install Meetup?

The meetup and the marketing workshop are crafted to help you get the best insights within the app marketing industry. But that’s not all. We are listing a few more benefits just to reaffirm your faith.

  1. Learning from peers– The app world may feel a bit intimidating. Also, when you hear reports like, ‘stagnation of apps market’ by so and so year, it is enough to drown one’s spirits. Where to go to get the best advice is a question that’s always on our mind, isn’t it? Given the hands-on experience of our panelists and workshop lead, the conversations at Million Install Meetup will be full of insights on real life challenges, strategies, and solutions.

  2. The power of two– We are huge supporters of the meetup, but by adding a workshop we hope to add more depth and value to your understanding. Our workshop lead is someone who has not only managed to garner eyeballs of investors but app users alike.

Million Install Meetup Panelists

  1. Networking and a sense of community- The beauty of startups is a sense of community. A platform like this will not only help you leverage from a network but also let you explore the community as a whole.

  2. Goodies- A meetup without goodies? Our gracious event partner have agreed to offer a $100 AWS voucher for every attendee! We don’t think it can get better than this!

Your Turn

If you are not attending, you are missing valuable insights to grow your mobile app business. Is that a chance you would want to take? We hope not. Register now and stand a chance to network, interact and learn from the best in the app business.  

Register now

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