[Playsheet] Build vs Buy- Evaluating In-house & Outsourced App Referral Solutions

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An eternal dilemma that surrounds Marketers and Project Managers in the tech world is when they have to decide between building an in-house product or outsourcing one. Such decisions often become the bottleneck in sales cycle since most companies take way long to come to a consensus.

As a SaaS product that facilitates referral marketing for both mobile and web, we took on the task to analyze this argument based on statistics, advantages and disadvantages as well as detailed explanation around each factor that influences such a decision.

In our attempt, we’ve made sure that you have enough insights on what’s important and what’s not, which factors should be given precedence over others while taking the final call and which ones are value add but may not be necessary.

We’ve also added a fun playsheet, which will help you pass through this ordeal with a smile. Here’s how you can use this playsheet:

  • Answer all the question in the playsheet. The questions are listed basis the order of priority.
  • Tick the checkbox as suited and tally the final scores.
  • Once you are done, look out for our opinions on your score.

Who said taking tough calls can’t be fun?

Are you ready to test the build vs buy debate? Download our playsheet now!

build vs buy

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    Hi, today I couldn’t download the pdf, How can I get playsheet?



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