QuizUp Growth Story

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If 1.5 million people sign up for an app within just two weeks of its launch then there is surely something to it and it requires a detailed analysis. I am talking about QuizUp, an app which was launched on 7th November 2013 and on 20th November TechCrunch reported “the game has signed up more than 1.5 million users, who … Read More

How Flappy Bird App Generated $50,000 A Day

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Flappy bird revenues

The story of Flappy Bird is quite interesting. In a world where developers spend months after months coding and programming games and apps, Dong Nguyen a developer from Vietnam, spent a few nights coding this gaming app when he returned from work. He says he didn’t spend more than three days on it. Then he had no idea that he … Read More

Howdy! We Are Celebrating 250th Beta Signup

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App Virality Beta Celebrations

Startups should celebrate each and every achievement. Be it small or big. That helps you keep motivated and it makes everyone feel appreciated. Today at App Virality, we are celebrating 250th beta signup. We locked ourselves at Microsoft Accelerator for last 4 months to make this kick-ass solution ready. At this moment, we have 3 growth hacks built and ready … Read More

How Buffer Growth Hacked To Reach 1.2 Million Users and $2M in 3 Years

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buffer growth hacks

Some years back there was a problem facing the social media users. This problem was worse for website owners who had to manage several social media accounts. The problem was updating their accounts with fresh material. They had to update these accounts manually and in order to supply their followers with regular updates they had to log in into their … Read More

redBus Email Growth Hack for Holi

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Businesses launch promotional offers during festival season, here in India it’s quite common. Holi is falling on 17th March this year. While markets are getting flooded with colors and sprinklers, businesses are offering discounts on products and services. It’s also quite common that all the online businesses like E-commerce stores spam customers with promotional emails. But doing that bit different … Read More

Story of App Virality and How We Validated It

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app virality logo

App Virality is a growth hacking toolkit for mobile apps. It allows mobile app businesses to enable/disable/configure any kind of growth hack within seconds. We got this idea while we were working on our other product Giveaway.ly, where we got huge number of requests from mobile focused companies asking how Giveaway.ly can help them increase number of social mentions, app … Read More

Top 10 Popular Growth Hacks Of All Time

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The term “growth hacker” is a comparatively new term to be added in the online business vocabulary. It was coined in 2010 by Sean Ellis, the founder and CEO of Qualaroo. Sean was hired by different online businesses to grow their websites. He performed the job well, increased traffic and conversions to website, and then went away. This is where … Read More