Howdy! We Are Celebrating 250th Beta Signup

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App Virality Beta Celebrations

Startups should celebrate each and every achievement. Be it small or big. That helps you keep motivated and it makes everyone feel appreciated.

Today at App Virality, we are celebrating 250th beta signup. We locked ourselves at Microsoft Accelerator for last 4 months to make this kick-ass solution ready. At this moment, we have 3 growth hacks built and ready for use. Our aim is to end this year with 8 growth hacks with recommendation engine built-in.

But, for the moment we decided to be in private beta to make sure everything is perfect and working as expected. That means we will be working with only selected apps during next few weeks.

Starting this week, we will be sending invites to few selected apps.

Thanks for all your love, encouragement and patience so far.

PS РOur tailor is busy stitching new dress for App Virality home page. Keep an eye, it will be live anytime this week.

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