Are You Awesome? Coz We Are Hiring!

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Are You Awesome? Coz We Are Hiring


Hey Guys!

Can you picture yourself in the above image, coz we are hiring and are on the lookout  for a kick-ass Android and Sales guy/gal, with the following tech requirements>

Android Maverick Pre-requisites

  • Over 2 year’s hands-on Android development experience.
  • Should have published at least two Android apps On Google play store.
  • Experience working with remote data via REST and JSON.
  • Hands on experience in designing and developing mobile SDK.

Sales Maverick

  • Possess intense passion for technology.
  • Should be able to sell SDK’s, having prior experience in the field.
  • Patient and tough

Before you get excited about the role/s, here’s a quick tour of what we do and what we want.

About Us

AppVirality is a plug and play growth hacking toolkit for mobile apps and we’ve recently got funded. We currently work from IIIT Campus at Hyderabad (India).

Now that’s our outer facade.

Inside we are a group of mavericks who are passionate about technology, and of course start-ups!

Why Shouldn’t You Join Us

This may be a slightly discouraging tone to begin with, but since we believe in keeping things transparent…well that’s that.

  • You love your 9-6 life more than anything– We love it too, but we also value our commitment and deadlines and the occasional late night stints…..err did we forget Sundays can be working too 😉
  • You care about a brand name– Yes, we value our Nike and Addidas shoes, but hey that’s another story. We are not a technology giant at the moment, but we aim to be. Up for a run?
  • You are a horse– Confused? Well, if your approach is straight, this might not be the place. Our team is accustomed to multi-tasking and we may run a similar expectation from you too, albeit a very restricted one.
  • You are still confused– Not by the earlier statement, but in general about your career growth. We value honesty and wouldn’t want you to use us a stop gap arrangement. You are welcome only if you are here for a long haul.
  • You hate spicy food– If you are going to be positioned here, you should be able to devour large volumes of spicy cuisine, especially the world famous Hyderabadi biryani.

If you’ve reached at this part of this elaborate JD, we are sure you will pass our basic screening!

 Why Should You Join Us

Aloha! (Looks like you are a tough guy to beat)

  • Salary– Money is important and we realise that. Being funded has given us an edge and we ensure that your wallet is heavier each month, by the same amount!
  • Work From Home– We appreciate the flexibility that technology provides us today and we really value ‘work from home’ options.
  • Flexible Leaves– Our philosophy is quite straight. If we can ask you to stretch (without any questions asked), we don’t question you with your leaves too!
  • Equity– We are an equal partner in building this exceptional product and thus the ESOPs. If you are wondering about its benefits, this Quora link will be beneficial.
  • Love Outdoors– We love outdoors as much as we love our MAC’s. You need to be ready for a round of EA Cricket and cycling at any point in time.

Caution:  Please do not wear a formal attire for your interview, you will be rejected despite your high credentials. Also, we hope that you love us from day one, which means that this post is shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ before you write to us! (This would be scrutinized seriously 😉 )

Up your alley? Drop us a line at